Birth & Postpartum Doula and Placenta Services

why I do this

As a "high risk" birthing woman, I was told I should not trust my body or my baby and believed I was not "allowed" to birth my son naturally, so I consented to a cesarean birth. 

What I believed about myself became true.

I took my power back with the birth of my second son 3 years later, at home, with my loved ones, in pure bliss and on my own terms.

I believe in you declaring your own birth. I believe in you and your innate power. I am here to uplift you and hold you on your journey of welcoming your baby and your new self. I look forward to meeting you.


My Services


Prenatal Support

I offer a holistic approach, guiding you to evidence-based information, provide close contact and reassurance throughout pregnancy. I work alongside the power of breath, herbs and energy to help you experience the birth you desire.

Birthing & Postpartum Support

Postpartum is so sacred. Your body needs rest and nourishment as you heal and recover from your birth journey. Whatever help looks like for you and your family - assistance with nursing, sibling care, homemade warming meals, light cleaning of your home, help with your new baby while you take time for yourself and more.


Placenta Preparation

I offer TCM placenta encapsulation, as well as other beneficial preparations for your healing postpartum body such as a tincture or salve.

HERBAL Certified Birthkeeper, Placenta Preparation Specialist & Peer Lactation Counselor


"Colleen went above and beyond as my doula for my first child born at home. She was with me for 21 hours straight when my labor stalled offering non stop support to my partner and I. During that time she did everything possible to make me comfortable through my contractions. I can’t imagine my birth without Colleen by my side empowering me through the most beautiful and transformative moment in my life."

"Colleen was a very critical & nurturing resource during our first pregnancy. She brought a bright, calming energy that immediately reassured us every time we spoke. Even after my own neurotic research she still had more knowledge to bestow. We felt extremely supported during the entire pregnancy & post delivery. During the labor she was essential, taking care of both mine & my husbands needs for the 2 day ordeal. Yet the entire experience felt intimate & special. Post delivery she was there for questions I had & even some nursing techniques that my lactation consultant hadn’t shared. We’ll use her with any future pregnancies, cannot recommend her enough!"



Cleveland, Ohio




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